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Understanding Expertise understanding expertise in teaching paperback
What makes an expert? What strategies do they use? If you're an expert in one domain, are you more likely to become an expert in a second?In examining questions like these, Professor Fernand Gobet provides a comprehensive overview of the field of expertise. With research from a wide range of disciplines, including psychology, neuroscience, sociology, philosophy, education, law and artificial intelligence, this is the definitive guide to the subject. Understanding Expertise: A Multidisciplinary Approach• considers expertise on a number of levels ranging from the neural to the psychological and the social;• critically evaluates current theories and approaches;• addresses issues of key importance for society, with implications for training methods and the development of artificial expert systems.
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The Christian Understanding Of Social And Ethical Issues In Africa understanding expertise in teaching paperback
This is the Christian view of some of the social and ethical issues that prevail in society. While there are different interpretations and understanding, the Christian understanding bases on Jesus'' teaching as well as pre - Jesus biblical teaching. It so happens that in part Jesus'' teaching agrees with some of the teaching of African Tradition. Christians as followers of Christ have Christ as the model on which they base their behaviour. The task of African-Christian understanding of social and ethical issues discovers how Christians can approach the social behaviour that surrounds them in relation to their expected behaviour as Christians in relation to African Context. The topics are interrelated but mostly are appealing to the understanding of adults since the adults are the most affected. Each of the topics has the two dimensions of Africa (both tradition and modern) and the biblical / Christian. The pick on African context has a purpose of looking at the compatibility of Christian understanding and African tradition that has undergone situational changes over time.
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Behavior in Organizations understanding expertise in teaching paperback
Book DescriptionBehavior in Organizations, 8/e, by Shani and Lau, is a paperback text that takes a hands-on, experiential approach to organization behavior. The majority of the exercises, role-playing simulations, and cases were developed in and for management training workshops. The cases themselves represent different industries and organizations around the globe with diverse size, product, service, and cultures. Instructors appreciate the multiple interactive teaching methods for each teaching module.Experiential methods provide a powerful stimulus for learning, growth, and change by helping participants focus on their own behaviors and reactions as data. The text begins with structured, less personal exercises that are readily recognized as relevantto human effectiveness in organizational settings. Personal growth and self-understanding activities are introduced later in the text, after students have had enough experience to become more comfortable and ready for them.
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Rethinking Native-English-Speaking Instructors understanding expertise in teaching paperback
It is a wild hold myth that native-English-speaking (NES) language instructors are capable of teaching English writing in non-native English speaking environment. By providing a glimpse of how NES instructors teaching English writing in a Chinese university, the study leads to a rethinking of hiring NES instructors as English writing instructors in China. As one of the first few studied expatriate NES instructors' writing instruction in depth, the study has significant implications in EFL writing field for understanding the expertise of expatriate NES instructors, for selecting qualified NES instructors and supporting them. English instruction policymakers, school administrators in EFL context, NES instructors who want to teach in non-English-speaking countries and areas will find the book informative and helpful.
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Role of Language in Teaching & Learning of Mathematical Word Problems understanding expertise in teaching paperback
My interest to understand role of language in teaching and learning mathematical word problems evoked from my teaching and learning experiences. When I look back at my own learning experiences of mathematics at the secondary level, I remember that on a majority of occasions I felt handicapped in understanding the language of the text,especially in mathematics. This is because the language of teaching and learning mathematics is underestimated by teachers. Likewise, during my teaching I realized the need to find out about the role of language in teaching and learning word problems. As I observed students facing difficulties in understanding word problems presented in English. As a result, I wondered as to what extent language played a crucial role in understanding mathematical word problems. Was the role of language in mathematics being ignored? why did one need to understand the language of teaching and learning mathematics? These questions kept bothering me especially when I came across word problems because I believed that language and mathematical word problems were strongly related. Consequently,this book examines the connection between language and mathematical word problems.
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Understanding  North Korean  School Mathematics understanding expertise in teaching paperback
North Korean secondary school mathematics education is examined through review of North Korea’s social and educational structures as well as its political and ideological position. In-depth interviews were conducted with five dislocated secondary school mathematics teachers and 10 former students to understand their lived experiences in secondary school mathematics in North Korea. Participants responded to questions regarding typical ways teaching and learning were carried out in mathematics classes; the Workers’ Party’s influence in every aspect of education, from teacher education to curriculum and textbooks issued; and the impact the March of Suffering had on the teaching and learning of mathematics as well as its lingering effects in secondary mathematics education seen to this day. Recommendations for further study are suggested.
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Potential and Problems of Communicative  Language Teaching in China understanding expertise in teaching paperback
This book explores Chinese EFL teachers' understanding of English teaching, particularly the difficulties they encountered in their attempts to adopt Communicative Language Teaching (CLT) in the Chinese context. It is found that while cognizant of their achievements, they generally found problems in English teaching in China, and reportedly had a range of difficulties in implementing CLT in their classrooms. Although interested in change and eager to identify with CLT, they were not optimistic about overcoming the difficulties and thus felt there would be only limited use of CLT in their teaching. It was argued that these difficulties were largely due to the fact that CLT, as a methodology developed in the West, was laden with Western cultural values, which were very different from dominant Chinese cultural values. In order to facilitate the incorporation of a communicative component into traditional teaching methods, changes must be made in teachers' understanding of language learning, teaching and curricula in teacher education programs, and a theoretical framework worked out to guide the process of introducing teaching methods into different contexts.
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Teaching Chemical Bonding in Some Kenyan Public High Schools understanding expertise in teaching paperback
This book examines the effect of using molecular models on students' understanding of structure and chemical bonding in selected high schools in Kenya.The study is a published thesis submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the award of the degree of Master of Science in Science education of Masinde Muliro University of Science nd technology, Kenya.In a nutshell, the study found that using molecular models in classroom instruction significantly promoted students' understanding of structure and bonding, an otherwise abstract topic in chemistry. The study recommended integration of novel information technology approaches- particularly computer-based ones- in classroom instruction. Further, science teachers are encouraged to carefully consider, select and use instructional approaches that cna be described as "non-traditional". It is hoped that readers will find this book thought-provoking and that it will prompt a review of approaches to teaching other abstract topics in chemistry.
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Teaching Dementia Care – Skill and Understanding understanding expertise in teaching paperback
Teaching Dementia Care – Skill and Understanding
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