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Under the Skin under the skin

Under the Skin

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Under the Skin under the skin
An art form unique in the world, tattoos are as varied in style and form as the living bodies they adorn. Under the Skin examines tattoos from three different angles,...
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Petra Langa The Mask under the Skin under the skin
In "The Mask under the Skin," nothing is as it seems. Iris, a white South African socialite, has a perfect life- until she inexplicably vanishes. Faced with the sinister politics of a white past and a very personal revenge, Iris is in the struggle of her life.
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Secret Barcelona under the skin
Discover "Secret Barcelona". Get under the skin of Barcelona by avoiding the tourist traps and heading to the places that are a little more off beat. Издание на английском языке.
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Nick Hahn Under the Skin under the skin
In Under the Skin, a brutal African dictator is challenged by two young women from different worlds: Maggie Kincaid, born to wealth and privilege in New York, and Nabby Kibugu, born to poverty and obscurity in the African bush. Their unlikely friendship sparks a fiery political drama with the potential to upend the leadership of a country and change the lives of millions.Maggie is working as an intern for an American company in Uganda when she meets longtime pen pal Nabby. She becomes ensnarled in a clandestine political campaign to elect Nabby as the first female president of Uganda. The women risk everything as they take on a corrupt, abusive government. In a startling move, they decide to enlist the improbable help of a notorious warlord, and it's anyone's guess as to whether their dangerous gamble will pay off.
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