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Multifunctional Anti Lost Bluetooth Car Key Wallet ty 103 anti lost rechargeable wireless bluetooth selfile camera remote shutter w focus adjustment
Do you often worry about losing the key or not finding your car key? This product can deal with this problem. It can connect with your smartphone via Bluetooth, it features anti-lost reminder, lost location and take selfie function, a great anti-lost tool for people who often lost the key. Bluetooth Connection it can connect with your smartphone via Bluetooth to anti-lost. Bidirectional Finder You can use the wallet to find your smartphone or use your smartphone to find your wallet, easy to find your smartphone or wallet. Anti-lost Reminder Function The smartphone and key wallet will alarm when the smartphone is far away with the key wallet to anti-lost. Wallet Tracker You can locate the position through the APP map of your smartphone after the key is lost. Camera Shutter It can work as a remote shutter for selfie,capture the happiest moment easily. Leather Material Adopts high quality leather material, soft and comfortable. Portable Design Easy to carry, it has 6 hooks, 1 rotatable hook to put your key, you can find your key easily. Specifications Name Anti Lost Bluetooth Key Wallet Material Leather Bluetooth 4.0 Package Weight 200g Package Size (L x W x H) 12 x 8 x 3 cm Package Contents 1 x Anti Lost Bluetooth Key Wallet
1129.53 RUR