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Michelle Maverick Diary of a Legal Prostitute. Nevada Brothels the voodoo wave – inside a season of triumph and tumult at maverick s
Michelle Maverick, a legal prostitute in Neveda, takes you inside the brothel where she works and gives a first-person account of her experiences there. Written in diary format, the book is an excellent source of information for people who frequent or are curious about brothels and also for women who are thinking about entering the business. Unlike other books written about brothels, this one is written by someone on the inside. From the interesting characters she meets and the details of their interludes to the issues faced by a working woman and mother, Michelle addresses it and shares it all in her own words.
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Gary Curneen The Modern Soccer Coach. Pre-Season Training the voodoo wave – inside a season of triumph and tumult at maverick s
When it comes to building successful soccer teams, pre-season is a critical time. It's the perfect time for the coach to create a team identity, set standards, develop effective training habits, and reinforce winning behaviors. Get it right and you can set the foundation required to catapult your team towards an excellent season. Get it wrong, however, and your season might never recover.This book looks at how pre-season has changed over the past 10 years, and offers ways for coaches to adapt their work and methods to deal with these changes accordingly. Pre-season is about much more than fitness testing, long-distance running, and grueling physical work. "The Modern Soccer Coach - Pre-Season Training" looks at new, innovative ways to engage players so that they want to train at the maximum every day, and push towards new limits for the new season ahead.Aimed at soccer coaches of all levels who work with players of all age groups, this book focuses on maximizing every minute you have with your team to help them prepare to set the highest of standards for the season ahead. The book offers a unique insight into how the best coaches in the world are preparing their teams from day one.With over 60 training exercises designed specifically to challenge your players to their maximum physically, technically, tactically, and mentally, this is pre-season training like you have never seen it before.- Design a tactical model that suits your team specifically- Create a winning...
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Jeff Gordon Jeff Gordon. Racing Back to the Front--My Memoir the voodoo wave – inside a season of triumph and tumult at maverick s
The New York Times bestselling autobiography of one of auto racing's greatest drivers -- and a pedal-to-the-metal look at the life of a NASCAR champion.He's the hottest thing on the racetrack today! In his professional racing career, Jeff Gordon has made the Winner's Circle his second home, taking the checkered flag with skill, determination, and a heartfelt love of racing -- all while winning over more fans than any other driver in history and helping transform NASCAR racing into the most-watched entertainment in America.Here, Jeff Gordon tells the story of his life behind the wheel: from his unlikely beginnings on the California junior circuit to his first professional win to his meteoric rise to fame -- and all of the personal trials, triumphs, and roadblocks he faced along the way. Gordon also gives readers an up-close, high-speed look at what it's really like to climb into the cockpit of a stockcar every weekend and race for a championship; into the garages where his cars are made; and inside the lives and work of his extraordinary crew as his cars get built, tested, and driven to victory.This is Jeff Gordon behind the helmet and in front of the pack -- an inspirational, thrilling,and true story of courage and character from one of auto racing's greatest heroes.
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Charles Spence The Perfect Meal. The Multisensory Science of Food and Dining the voodoo wave – inside a season of triumph and tumult at maverick s
The authors of The Perfect Meal examine all of the elements that contribute to the diner?s experience of a meal (primarily at a restaurant) and investigate how each of the diner?s senses contributes to their overall multisensory experience. The principal focus of the book is not on flavor perception, but on all of the non-food and beverage factors that have been shown to influence the diner?s overall experience. Examples are: the colour of the plate (visual) the shape of the glass (visual/tactile) the names used to describe the dishes (cognitive) the background music playing inside the restaurant (aural) Novel approaches to understanding the diner?s experience in the restaurant setting are explored from the perspectives of decision neuroscience, marketing, design, and psychology. 2015 Popular Science Prose Award Winner.
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Dostoevsky F. Humiliated Аnd Insulted the voodoo wave – inside a season of triumph and tumult at maverick s
A new translation of a lesser-known work catches the verve and tumult of the original, which, in concept and execution, affords a refreshingly unfamiliar glimpse of the...
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Jack McCallum Seven Seconds or Less. My Season on the Bench with the Runnin' and Gunnin' Phoenix Suns the voodoo wave – inside a season of triumph and tumult at maverick s
Sports Illustrated's chief NBA writer, Jack McCallum, only planned to spend the preseason with the Phoenix Suns as an "assistant coach" -- and then write a story about his experiences. Instead, he stayed on with the Suns throughout their exciting and controversial 2005-2006 season. Gaining access to everything from locker-room chats with superstar point guard Steve Nash, to coaches' meetings with maverick coach Mike D'Antoni, McCallum learned what makes this wildly popular, innovative, and international assemblage of talented players and brilliant coaches tick -- making Seven Seconds or Less an all-access look at one of the greatest shows in sports.
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Kurt Reighley Marilyn Manson the voodoo wave – inside a season of triumph and tumult at maverick s
For the public, the triumph of Marilyn Manson happened in the blink of an eye, beginning with the debut of their 1994 "Album Portrait of an American Family", an event which led to a cover on "Rolling Stone" and the group's MTV smash "Sweet Dreams". This biography offers an all-encompassing look at the success of this controversial band.
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I. Abbasov B. Hyrdoacoustic Ocean Exploration. Theories and Experimental Application the voodoo wave – inside a season of triumph and tumult at maverick s
The only book that offers a comprehensive and fully up-to-date coverage of hydroacoustic ocean exploration, this work deals with the diagnostics of non-uniformities in a water medium using the hydroacoustic parametric antenna. The non-uniformities of the water medium in the study are of geometrically regular shape, i.e., the shape of a sphere, a cylinder, and a spheroid. An account is given of theoretical and experimental studies of wave processes that occur in the event of the scattering of non-linearly interacting acoustic waves at a sphere, a cylinder, and a spheroid. Scattering problems are formulated; solutions to the inhomogeneous wave equation are found in the first and second approximations using the successive approximations method. For the first time, high-frequency asymptotic expressions of acoustic pressure for all spectral components of the secondary field are obtained for the nonlinear scattering problem. The scattering diagrams are calculated and plotted, and then analyzed and compared. Results of experimental studies of the parametric acoustic antenna field scattering at solid steel spheres are presented. Experimental scattering diagrams both for the parametric antenna pump waves and for the secondary field waves including the difference frequency wave, the sum frequency wave, and the second harmonic wave are presented. 3D modeling of wave processes is also considered. A must have for researchers and specialists in nonlinear hydroacoustics and ocean acoustics; it also may be of use for postgraduates and students specializing in hydroacoustics and ocean exploration.
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Richard Whitmire The Bee Eater. Michelle Rhee Takes on the Nation's Worst School District the voodoo wave – inside a season of triumph and tumult at maverick s
The inside story of a maverick reformer with a take-no-prisoners management style Hailed by Oprah as a «warrior woman for our times,» reviled by teachers unions as the enemy, Michelle Rhee, outgoing chancellor of Washington DC public schools, has become the controversial face of school reform. She has appeared on the cover of Time Magazine, and is currently featured as a hero in the documentary «Waiting for Superman.» This is the story of her journey from good-girl daughter of Korean immigrants to tough-minded political game-changer. When Rhee first arrived in Washington, she found a school district that had been so broken for so long, that everyone had long since given up. The book provides an inside view of the union battles, the school closings, and contentious community politics that have been the subject of intense public interest and debate ? along with a rare look at Rhee's upbringing and life before DC. Rhee has been featured in the documentary «Waiting for Superman» Rhee's story points to a fresh way of addressing school improvement Addresses fundamental problems in our current education system, and the politics of leadership The book includes an insert with photos from Rhee's personal and professional life, and an «exit» interview that sheds light on what she's learned and where the future might take her.
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The Architecture of John Simpson. The Timeless Language of Classicism the voodoo wave – inside a season of triumph and tumult at maverick s
John Simpson is one of the world s leading practitioners of new classicism, a contemporary architecture movement that continues the practice of classical and traditional architecture and embraces the virtues of durability, functionality, and beauty. Simpson s design ethos revolves around the notion that architecture is a public art where each facade forms the character and shape of the public realm the streets, the squares, and the major civic spaces that we use and as such must use a language of building that is recognisable and draws on our collective cultural experience. His architecture is thus understandable in a moment and is functional; it is built to last, to be beautiful, and to ensure the comfort and ease of those who experience it, be it the Queen s Gallery at Buckingham Palace in London or an apartment in a historic building in New York. The work shown covers a wide range, from small-scale residential and apartment design to the country house and the town house to large-scale institutional designs. Featured projects include a new academic quadrangle at Eton College; the new school of architecture at the University of Notre Dame; rooms at Kensington Palace; the Stanhope Hotel renovation in New York; town houses in Belgravia and Chelsea, London; and much more.
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