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Valeriy Zhiglov Buddhist Tarot the classic tarot карты
The book tells about the Buddhist Tarot universal card deck, the sheets of which, in combination with classical data on taromancy and astrology, comprise the information about the Buddhist gods’ pantheon, which corresponds to them. Collecting ancient esoteric knowledge in one card deck expands the information content and allows users to analyze multiple aspects of every phenomenon that they consider.
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Таро Универсальное. Профессиональная версия. De Angelis Universal Tarot Profes the classic tarot карты
Это новое издание «Универсального Таро» (Universal Tarot) улучшенного качества выпущено специально по просьбе мастеров-профессионалов, часто работающих с этой необычайно популярной колодой: увеличен формат карт, а также усиленно-лаковое покрытие, что делает карты более устойчивыми в использовании.
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Tarot 450 Size Heavy Duty Helicopter Carry Bag Dual 450 TL2722 the classic tarot карты
Tarot 450 Size Heavy Duty Helicopter Carry Bag Dual 450 TL2722
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The Housewives Tarot: Cards Illustrated the classic tarot карты
Recipe for a Perfect Tarot Deck 1. Take any old New Age tarot deck. 2. Get rid of all the cheesy woo-woo artwork. 3. Infuse with the nostalgic spirit of Far from Heaven and Leave it to Beaver. 4. Add 78 full-colour images of Duncan Hines chocolate cake (The Devil), Jell-O moulds (The Tower), station wagons (The Chariot), Mrs. Butterworth (The Empress), Brillo Pads (Strength), and other 1950s iconography. 5. Add generous helpings of mops and brooms (wands), martini glasses (cups), silverware (swords), and china plates (pentacles). 6. Seal in attractive retro packaging. Serve with 96-page book that describes the meanings of every card in the deck - along with instructions for assembling the cards in five different layouts: the Virgin Spread, the Neapolitan Spread, the Clothesline Spread, the Dinette Spread, and the Martini Spread.
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Daemon Tarot the classic tarot карты

Daemon Tarot

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Daemon Tarot the classic tarot карты
This fiendishly forbidden book and tarot card deck draw upon Le Dictionnaire Infernal (Infernal Dictionary), a legendary tome originally published in 1818 by French occultist Jacques Auguste Simon Collin. Working from centuries of arcane magical texts, Collin described ancient daemons and organised them into hellish hierarchies. Now Ariana Osborne has reinterpreted Collins classic text for todays audience and created a divination system to identify the unique strengths and specialties of 69 of those daemons and explain how to summon their energies.
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Tarot 16MM Multi-axis Motor Mount Plate Red TL68B33 the classic tarot карты
Tarot 16MM Multi-axis Motor Mount Plate Red TL68B33
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