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The Illuminated Tarot the classic tarot карты
Fascination with tarot decks never goes out of style. This deluxe set, featuring the colorful and boldly graphic art of Caitlin Keegan, marries the tarot to a new, hip sensibility that fits into the Etsy-shop, boutique-artist world of artists like Rifle Paper. This deluxe box comes wrapped in colored paper with its cover art tipped in for a rustic, handmade feel. Every suit of cards in the deck features its own color scheme and a unique and evocative art for each card. Included in the package is a hand-drawn booklet that provides the meanings and usage behind each card in the deck.
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Tarology the classic tarot карты


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Tarology the classic tarot карты
In TAROLOGY Enrique Enriquez sees the Tarot de Marseille through the prism and science of pataphysics, the science of imaginary solutions. By following into the footsteps of Oulipian writers, he applies the idea of constraint and the rule of restriction to the surprisingly visual and gestural nature of Tarot. The result is not only illuminating but also enriching for all those interested in the history of Tarot and its divinatory practices. Enriquez develops a whole new method of reading cards, which combines careful considerations of chance with choice. By using a phenomenological and constructivist approach to the cards, Enriquez shows how the Tarot de Marseille speaks poetry and thus reveals some of our deepest concerns with language, with what we can say when we are at a loss for words. - "In TAROLOGY, going from pataphysics to poetry, Enrique Enriquez PERFORMS tarot in a way that is marvelously free of cultural preconditioning to the workings of myth and symbol, while at the same time proposing following the rules of 'watch and learn', 'keep it simple', 'stay on track', 'be surprised', 'be fearless', and 'let the image talk the walk'. This is no small achievement." (Camelia Elias, Professor of American Studies and Tarot de Marseille Reader).
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Tarot GOPRO 3DⅢ Metal CNC 3 Axis Brushless Gimbal PTZ for GOPRO 4 3+ 3 FPV Quadcopter TL3T01 the classic tarot карты
Upgraded Tarot GOPRO 3D 3 Axis Brushless Metal Gimbal PTZ for Camera GOPRO 4 3+ Gopro3 FPV Quadcopter TL3T01 Description: Brand Name: Tarot Item Name: GOPRO 3D Item NO.: TL3T01 Applicable Camera Type: GOPRO HERO 3/3 + / 4 Input Power: 3S-6S Li (11V-26V) Operating Current: 30mA ( 25V) / 50mA ( 12V) Stall Current: 350mA ( 25V) / 700mA ( 12V) Attitude control accuracy: 0.02 degrees Maximum controllable speed The direction of rotation (PAN): 200 / s Pitch direction (TILT): 200 / s Roll direction (ROLL): 200 / s The controllable range of rotation The direction of rotation (PAN): 330 Pitch direction (TILT): -135 to + 45 Roll direction (ROLL): 48 S-Bus / PPM / DSM receiver supports Working temperature: -20 ~ + 50Celsius degree Maximum dimensions (LWH): 60 mm * 75 mm * 100mm Weight: 160g Assistant Software Installation Requirements Windows XP; Windows VISTA; Windows 7; Windows 8 (32 or 64 bit) Features: Upgraded version based on T4-3D Tarot new 3D gimbal developed on the basis of T4-3D is different from the old version. With full CNC ribbed slab structure overall industrial design, bringing lightweight and stability of the strongest. Designed for GoPro, quick installation, bid farewell to the past, cumbersome operations. Precision-driven algorithms, precise control of the motor, only to present live moment. Speed-controlled three-axis. Support computer interface settings, posture lock mode (AL) point to following mode (PF) first-person mode (FPV). Built-in independent TAROT PTZ dedicated servo drive module. Packge Included: 1 x Gimbal 1 x Control Module 1 x 8P Cable 1 x 5V Output AV Cable 1 x USB Module 1 x Flight Control Cable
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Valeriy Zhiglov Yi Ching Tarot the classic tarot карты
The book discloses a new universal extended Yi Ching Tarot card deck, which, in addition to the classical information on taromancy, also includes the information on astrology and the development of zodiac signs, as well as hexagrams from the ancient Chinese Book of Changes, with the color symbolism of Feng Shui teaching. Collecting ancient esoteric knowledge in one card deck expands the information content and allows users to analyze multiple aspects of every phenomenon that they consider.
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Юлия Валерьевна Белова Vision Quest Tarot. Искусство понимания и варианты толкования Таро мудрости индейцев the classic tarot карты
Оригинальное название колоды Vision Quest Tarot («Таро Поиск Видений») напоминает нам о жизненной философии индейцев Карлоса Кастанеды, для которых одинаково важными были и видение истинной сущности вещей, и видéния, сопутствующие многим традиционным обрядам племен. Благодаря этой книге вы узнаете о том, какие значения несут в себе Арканы и номерные карты колоды, какую роль играют сочетания и положения карт. Вы научитесь правильной и осторожной работе с колодой, многим раскладам и сможете самостоятельно предсказывать судьбу себе и своим близким.
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Ольга Добрицина Neo-Taro (gift set book + 78 card) the classic tarot карты
Neo-Tarot is another deck of Tarot cards and a part of the new original project in geomancy (the art of divination), called "Celestial mosaic". This project was developed by a group of Tarot cards readers, philosophers, artists and poets, through their cooperative efforts, who had explored ancient and modern systems of divination for the sake of knowledge of the Truth through the Tarot.The Neo-Tarot deck has no comparable counterparts either in Russia or in any other country. The distinctiveness of this deck is that it has no human images, so you get the opportunity to actually return to your so often "ruined" inner "I" and revive it. In fact, in the Neo-Tarot, the role of humans is taken on by symbols and images that all readers of Tarot cards know so well, and this does not complicate, but makes it easier to perceive a card and even enhances the energy of these cards.This deck "breathes" with magical contemplativeness and meditativeness. It really bewitches you with its surreality, but it does this healing you. There is no "personification" in these cards, so for a diviner or a fortune-teller it becomes possible to maximize his or her immersion into this deck, because fate is not personified.Any deck from this project will be a unique and unforgettable gift to your friends, relatives and loved ones, and will not only delight the eye, but will also be an excellent working tool in practices of divination.
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Tarot TL400H5 MT2204 2300KV Brushless Motor with 6045 3 Leaves Propellers CW CCW the classic tarot карты
Tarot TL400H5 MT2204 2300KV Brushless Motor with 6045 3 Leaves Propellers CW CCW Specification: Brand name :Tarot Item name :2204 2300KV Brushless with 6045 3 Leaves Propellers Number of battery section Support: 3S Paddle mounting diameters: 5MM Propeller: 6 inch clover paddle TL300E White resistance: 4m Stator diameter: 22MM Load current: 0.4A-0.8A Stator Thickness: 4.0 Stator: 12 Motor poles: 14 Speed: 2300KV 5% Motor outer diameter: 28MM Axial Diameter: 2MM Motor Length: 39MM Motor Weight: 24.5G Feature : Tarot 2204-2300KV brushless motor suitable for 280/300 Multicopter MT2204 brushless motor with 0.20mm ultra-thin high-efficiency silicon steel Base mounting holes Motor 16MM / 19MM, it is compatible with the most of frame Note: Black nut is CW Silvery nut is CCW Package Included: 1 X MT2204-2300KV positive self-locking screw motor 4 X Within M2.5 5MM cup head hex screws 1 X CW 6045 3Leaves propellers 1 X CCW 6045 3Leaves propellers
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