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The New Mythic Tarot Pack the classic tarot карты
First published in 1986, this much loved tarot card deck has been an international success. Its beautiful cards depict the archetypal characters and life experiences of Greek mythology. Retold here in concise and accessible form by Liz Greene and Juliet Sharman-Burke, these dramatic and exciting tales reveal profound truths that are reflected in every facet of our lives today. And for this edition, the deck has been re-illustrated by Giovanni Caselli, an artist with a passion for the classical world. The New Mythic Tarot is the complete package for both beginners and more experienced tarot readers alike. It contains an illustrated guidebook and a deck of 78 tarot cards. This stunning new edition is now ready to inspire a fresh generation of tarot readers.
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Little Bit of Tarot the classic tarot карты
Tarot cards can offer nuanced, personal readings even for beginners, helping us face the future, solve present-day problems and better understand ourselves. Cassandra Eason opens a window onto the world of tarot, from choosing the right pack to interpreting the cards. She lays out the most important spreads, suggests intuitive methods for choosing cards, reveals what psychic protections to take when doing divination, and more.
1079 RUR
Valeriy Zhiglov Astrological Tarot the classic tarot карты
The new universal extended Astrological Tarot Card Deck, the sheets of which, in addition to classical information about taromancy, include the information on astrology and the development dynamics of Zodiac signs, as well as hexagrams from the ancient Chinese Book of Changes and the color symbolism of FengShui. Putting the ancient esoteric knowledge into a single deck improves the information content and allows analyzing each phenomenon by users in many aspects.
96 RUR
Valeriy Zhiglov Buddhist Tarot the classic tarot карты
The book tells about the Buddhist Tarot universal card deck, the sheets of which, in combination with classical data on taromancy and astrology, comprise the information about the Buddhist gods’ pantheon, which corresponds to them. Collecting ancient esoteric knowledge in one card deck expands the information content and allows users to analyze multiple aspects of every phenomenon that they consider.
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Таро Ангелов = Tarot de los Angeles (на английском языке) the classic tarot карты
Структура колоды: карты разделены на группы ангелов, архангелов, фей, гномов и серафимов. В колоде отсутствуют Младшие Арканы. Комплектация: 78 карт + инструкция на испанском, английском, французском и португальском языках. Материал: картон, бумага Размеры: 66х110 мм. Производитель: Fournier, Spain
2402 RUR
Tarot TL300K 5.8G Image Transmission Antenna Set the classic tarot карты
Tarot TL300K 5.8G Image Transmission Antenna Set Description: Apply to TAROT Mini 200/250/300 and other suttles wireless image transmission, circular polarized omnidirectional antenna using copper, silver production feeders and SMA connectors to prevent signal attenuation, ensuring excellent performance. Lightweight design clover transmitting antenna weighs only 7.8G, allowing for longer battery life, the inner elbow to ensure that the antenna is perpendicular to the ground. Specification: Brand Name:Tarot Item NO.:TL300K Transmission frequency: 5800MHZ Transmitting antenna: Clover Receiving antenna: Four Leaf Gain: 2.0dBi-2.5dBi Note Bobby:
6.45 RUR