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Spirituals and Gospel Music Performance Practice spirituals and gospel music performance practice
This book outlines methods in which to develop a curriculum in Gospel Music and Spirituals. Along with discussing the performance practices of Spirituals and Gospel Music, this book also explores the ways in which the teaching of Gospel Music and Spirituals can be used as a conduit to bridge ethnic, cultural, and racial divides. There are cultures that embrace the written or visual learning tradition, while others lean more heavily toward the aural or oral learning tradition. As a result, the perceived differences deriving from these two opposite learning traditions can often create both unconscious and conscious divisions among various cultural and ethnic groups. However, using teaching techniques and performance practices related to both Gospel Music and Spirituals (which use different although related learning approaches), one can create an opportunity to bridge the gap between the aural and visual learning traditions and can create an environment ripe for intra-cultural and cross-cultural communication.
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Illness and Healing in Gospel Music in Southwestern Nigeria spirituals and gospel music performance practice
This book discusses the concepts of illness and healing and also identifies factors responsible for the regular occurrence of the themes of illness and healing in the Nigerian gospel music recordings. The book further assess the relevance of the gospel musicians' perception of illness and healing to contemporary Nigerian socio-economic and political realities with a view to understanding the concepts and representations of illness and healing in Nigerian gospel music. Adopting the contextual, cultural-hermeneutical, musicological and discographical approaches, this book reveals that gospel musicians in Southwestern Nigeria which is representative of the whole country perceives illness not only as a state of physical disorder but also as any form of social disorder, dysfunction, failure or limitation. The prevailing socio-economic upheaval in Nigeria continues to make gospel music socially relevant as Nigerian music has not only become a tool for social commentary, but also helps to create an agenda for the perceived social reconstruction. This book is a study in Sociology of Religion; and relevant for students in the fields of sociology, music, history and religion.
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Instructive Editions and Piano Performance Practice: A Case Study spirituals and gospel music performance practice
Instructive editions: still frequently used in music teaching; rejected by musicology and by "serious" musicians as textually unreliable; silently adopted by many students and sometimes consulted by accomplished musicians... Although they are commonly found both on music shop shelves and on the music stand of many performers, they are rarely studied, discussed and analysed. This book studies the phenomenon of instructive editions from a plurality of viewpoints: what are they? which problems are posed by their use? how and how much are they used today? how, when and why were they born? And, most important of all: what can they tell us as concerns past performance practice? Indeed, instructive editions become formidable tools for the study of past performance, being the distillation of their editor's concept of the work. Their usefulness for studies in performance practice is shown through the analysis of Italian editions of Bach's Well-Tempered Keyboard, an iconic work in keyboard literature and an all-time favourite in performance and teaching. The author's personal experience as a concert pianist and teacher gives a further practical insight into the processes of music making.
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Searching for the Baroque spirit spirituals and gospel music performance practice
This research forms part of a larger original contribution to the field of piano performance practice.It investigates the search for the Baroque spirit in the performance of Baroque keyboard music on the modern day piano. Firstly the researcher describes, interprets and critiques the many dimensions of the authenticity debate,with special reference to the performance of Baroque keyboard music on the piano, an instrument that did not exist at the time when the music in question was written. Secondly, the researcher investigates and reflects on the general state of Baroque piano performance practice in South Africa today. Thirdly, the researcher provides her original contribution to the field of Baroque performance practice by analyzing the piano scores of the UNISA Grade A List,pre-Grade 1 to Grade 7, highlighting salient aspects pertaining to performance practice.She presents a teaching framework for the authentic performance practice of Baroque music for the pianoforte in a contemporary context. This presents a valuable and unique guide for both pianoforte teachers and lecturers, to assist pianists to prepare,interpret and perform Baroque music on the modern pianoforte.
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Changing Approaches to Musical Practice and Education spirituals and gospel music performance practice
University of Malaya Book Series on Research in Musicology is a collection of peer-reviewed papers by local and international scholars. This book aims to disseminate current research to both academicians and tertiary music students. Articles ranging from historical musicology, music technology, performance practice, music education, composition, ethnomusicology, music psychology and so forth grace the pages of our book series. In UM Book Series of Research in Musicology Vol.2, our contributors are Sergio Camacho, Chan Cheong Jan, Ahmad Faudzi Musib, Mohd Nasir Hashim, Loo Fung Ying, Sahar Sa''di Hashim and Juan Montoya who are local and international researchers.
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The Gospel According to Lennon spirituals and gospel music performance practice
A Celebration of the life and influence of The Beatles' most abrasive member with a rich mix of inspirational quotes, biographical anecdotes, facts and memorabilia drawn from his life and work. Covering every period from his first skiffle performance at the Woolton summer fete in 1957 to the lethal encounter with a gunman outside the Dakota apartments in Manhattan in 1980, here is a wealth of revealing glimpses into John Winston Ono Lennon's extraordinary life and times. The book is organised into sections on life, love, success, family, work and friendship, making The Gospel According To John Lennon an indispensable addition to the bookshelf of any true fan of Liverpool's Rock 'n' Roll Sage.
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Layne Automotive ?engine? Performance Tune Up Test Ing And Service Practice ?manual? spirituals and gospel music performance practice
Layne Automotive ?engine? Performance Tune Up Test Ing And Service Practice ?manual?
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Policy and Practice in Music Education in NSW State Primary Schools spirituals and gospel music performance practice
This book focuses on the development and implementation of the New South Wales (K-6) Music Syllabus (1984) in Australia, and the effectiveness of the curriculum development model that was intended to overcome repeatedly identified deficiencies and policy implications arising from these findings. An examination of the events leading to the development of the syllabus revealed key deficiencies in primary music education and recommended that specialist teachers be used in primary schools; improved resources and facilities be provided for all schools; all children have the opportunity to learn an instrument; teacher training institutions and professional development programs provide teachers with better music education skills, knowledge and attitudes; and a new music syllabus be developed, based on children's developmental stages. This book, for practitioners, evaluates the development of the syllabus and its implementation seven years after its launch in relation to how effectively it addressed these identified deficiencies. It identifies key factors influencing primary music education and recommends some policy suggestions in response to the problems arising from these results.
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The Practice of Strategic HRM on Organizational Performance spirituals and gospel music performance practice
This book is a product of a study on strategic Human Resource Management Practice as one of the characteristics that determine performance in organizations. Strategic Human Resource Practice enables the matching of organizations' capabilities and resources to the opportunities available in the internal and external environment. In modern day organizations, managers are encouraged to utilize the participatory approach in the formulation and implementation of empowerment policies that encourage employees to respond to work related challenges in order to boost organizations productivity and performance.
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