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English in Mind Level 3 Testmaker CD-ROM and Audio CD silver s edit rio looking for blu level 3 cd
This second edition updates a course which has proven to be a perfect fit for classes the world over. This Testmaker Audio CD/CD-ROM gives teachers the flexibility to create and edit their own tests. It is extremely easy to use while also offering a range of functionality for those who like to customise more. Teachers can choose from unit tests, which can be combined in pairs, and end-of-year tests. There are also options to test the same course content at both 'standard' and 'more challenging' levels. The Testmaker can produce two versions of each test to prevent students from sharing answers. This disc contains all the audio required for test listening components.
2647 RUR
Notting Hill: Level 3 (+ CD) silver s edit rio looking for blu level 3 cd
Anna Scott is an American film star. She is rich, beautiful and very famous. William Thacker is a shy man who has a small, unsuccessful bookshop in London. Their lives are different in every way, but they are both looking for someone special. Can a future together be more than a dream? "Notting Hill" is a wonderful – and very funny – love story. This Pack contains a Book and MP3 CD.
609 RUR
Jianzhong Z., edit. Oriental Patterns and Pallettes (+CD) silver s edit rio looking for blu level 3 cd
From traditional floral motifs to patterns inspired by natural phenomena, from icons depicting mythical creatures and deities, to lattices and geometrically constructed elements, Oriental patterns evoke a distinc cultural charm. This volume shows how various hues can be harmonised to transform these patterns dramatically. Providing hundreds of possibilities for every design project, it takes the appreciation of colour to a new level. About the CD-ROM The template for each pattern can be found on the accompanying CD-ROM. The colours of the patterns can easily be adjusted according to the requirements of any design. While every effort has been made to ensure hat the CD can be used on most operating systems, the publishers do not accept any responsibility should it not be compatible with any platform. Формат: 17 см х 23 см. Прилагаемый к изданию диск CD-ROM упакован в специальный бумажный конверт и вложен внутрь книги.
1599 RUR
Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde: Level 3 (+ CD) silver s edit rio looking for blu level 3 cd
Why is the frightening Mr Hyde a friend of the nice Dr Jekyll? Who is the evil little man? And why does he seem to have power over the doctor? After a terrible murder, everyone is looking for Mr Hyde. But he has disappeared. Or has he?
579 RUR