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Hip-Hop Uncensored: Volume 5: The Greatest Show On The Earth print bar this is hip hop
Hip-Hop Uncensored known for bringing some of hip-hop's most stellar moments to the small screen continues to raise the bar on content and quality. This fifth installment of the DVD series (reported to be the final volume) reveals some of HHU's hottest live performances never before seen on screen, while staying true to keeping it real & uncensored. "The Greatest Shows on Earth" features the hottest and most exciting shows hip-hop has to offer. From Jay-Z's recent performance and confrontation with police and 50 Cent tearing up the club in Puerto Rico to Nas spitting fire on Jay-Z and causing havoc at Power 105 in New York to WuTang coming together to bless the masses (yes. ODB's final appearance) to Snoop Dogg getting busy on the tour bus and dead prez performing in South Africa to DJ Kayslay bringing his drama to the studio and much more. Hip Hop Uncensored once again brings it all to you with "Volume 5, The Greatest Shows on Earth". "I watch "Hip-Hop Uncensored" all the time on my tour bus. I can't wait to be on Hip-Hop Uncensored..." Jadakiss "Hip-Hop Uncensored gives it to you raw... brings hip-hop heads up close and personalwith the culture." Source Magazine
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Snoop Dogg: Unauthorized print bar this is hip hop
See how Snoop Dogg, A.K.A. "The Dogg Father", created his own niche in Hip Hop with his unique sound that keeps all his fans wanting more. He is one of the most loved Hip Hop artists in the world. Not only can this laid back rapper be heard on the air waves, ; but he also has a clothing line, appears on the covers of several magazines, he's had his own television show on MTV (Doggie Fizzle Televizzle), has an autobiography in bookstores, has his own Щ youth football league and is currently acting several movies. He's appeared with the likes of Dave Chapelle in "Half Baked" Ben Stiller in "Starsky & Hutch" and with Denzel Washington in "Training Day".Snoop has not only worked with one of the hottest producers in Hip Hop, Dr. Dre, hehas also collaborated with the late Tupac Shakur, considered to be one of the greatest lyricist Hip Hop has ever had. Witness how this cool, sleepy-eyed West w| Coast rapper went from C-walking to щ dropping it like it's hot. Despite many trials and tribulations, this number one chart-topper is still one of America's most loved Gangsta rappers. Follow this Long Beach city native as he travels a doggy dog road and still ends up on top.
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Майка классическая Printio Hip-hop print bar this is hip hop
Майка классическая — цвет: чёрный, пол: Муж.
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Бомбер Printio Hip-hop print bar this is hip hop
Бомбер — цвет: белый, пол: Муж.
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Лонгслив Printio Hip hop print bar this is hip hop
Лонгслив — цвет: чёрный, пол: Муж.
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Шапка классическая унисекс Printio Hip-hop print bar this is hip hop
Шапка классическая унисекс — цвет: чёрный.
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Шапка классическая унисекс Printio Hip-hop print bar this is hip hop
Шапка классическая унисекс — цвет: чёрный.
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