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Photoelectric Infrared Detector Outdoor Infrared Beam Barrier Interruption Detector photoelectric switch infrared beams of light reflection
Intelligent Judgement It can send alert signal while a burglar entered into the protected area and has interrupted two or more beams of IR ray. Use of Double Beam Recognition Technique Effectively prevents the mistaken report caused by small pets, birds, leaves, etc. Breakage-proof Function Anti-tamper, trimming resistant and anti-interference. Easy installation & Easy Operation IR ray can realized 360° rotating adjustment while being sent or received as long as the mounting base fixed. Multiple Light Beams Available 4 / 6 / 8 / 10 / 12 beam of lights, any one is available. Specification Operating Voltage DC 12V--24V Optic Axis Adjustable Angle 360° Reaction Speed 40 msec Working Temperature -25℃ ~ +55℃ Alarm Method Any two or more beams of light interrupted Quantity of Beam 4 ~ 12 beams
2509.1 RUR