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Aetertek AT -219 1000m Submersible LCD 4-in-1 Dog Anti Bark Remote Control Training System - Black pet safe electronic shock vibrating dog training collar with remote control 2 x aaa 1 x 6f22 9v
This AETERTEK® remote control dog training shock collar system has three correction means(Tone Vibration Shock) and auto anti-bark features more easier to use. Can be used as 1 dog or 2 dog remote training shock collar system; Can be used manually as a remote dog trainer or as an automatic anti-bark/bark control collar when dogs left alone; If necessary remote function can also be used while in auto mode; Vibration ultrasound and corrective shock can be used separately; 18 Levels of progressive shock adjusts both in intensity and duration); Strong correctional vibration; Beep tone/ultrasound; Rechargeable WATERPROOF and SUBMERSIBLE receiver shock vibration and beep collar with long and short prongs for all coat types; Range of up to 600 yards (Approx. 550 meters) and signal can pass through obstacles such as walls and fences;
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AETERTEK Waterproof 550 Meters Remote Dog Training Electric Shock Vibration Collar Anti Bark - Black pet safe electronic shock vibrating dog training collar with remote control 2 x aaa 1 x 6f22 9v
Range of up to 600 yards (approx. 550 meters) and signal can pass through obstacles such as walls and fences; 7 Levels of progressive shock (adjusts both in intensity and duration); 7 Levels of adjustable vibration (adjusts number of vibration bursts); 7 Levels of adjustable ultrasound (adjusts number of beeps); Can be upgraded to a 2 or 3 dog training system by adding one or two collars; Environmentally friendly: Rechargeable collar receiver save money on buying replaceable batteries;
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Sound Activated Electronic Shock Bark-Stop Collar for Dogs (Bark Control) pet safe electronic shock vibrating dog training collar with remote control 2 x aaa 1 x 6f22 9v
Capable of identifying the sound of the dog intelligently. - Make electronic-shock to restrain the dog automatically. - Safe and effective impulse electronic shock - The allowable bark degree is adjustable. - The nylon collar is easy to adjust and comfortable to wear
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New Underground Electric Dog Pet Fencing Fence Shock Collar pet safe electronic shock vibrating dog training collar with remote control 2 x aaa 1 x 6f22 9v
Features: Safety Your Pet More than 1,000,000 Dogs Hit by Car Every Year And 60,000 are Lost or Stolen Pulsed Proportional Stimulus The closer your dog gets to the boundary, the more intense the shock will be. Progressive Tone Stimulus A warning tone will be issued first, then a shock stimulus if your dog continues to move closer to the boundary. Variable Field Width Control Allows you to precisely control the width of the signal field. Audible and Visual Wire Break Indicators Should your buried wire ever break, a loud sonic alarm will sound accompanied by a flashing light. Speed Detect Anti-Run through The faster your dog is moving, the quicker the higher level of intensity is issued. Built-in Lightining Protection Protects transmitter from power surges caused by lightning stikes. Multiple Collar Operation Add as many collars as you like to contain as many animals as you have. There is no limit to the number of collars it can control. Wide Range Covering Area Up to 5000 square meter range (over 1.2 acre). Product Introduction: Our hidden fence system is the most reliable and affordable pet containment system. This system will help teach dogs what the safe playing boundaries are, and will keep your dog from dangerous areas like roads, pools or off-limits zones like neighbor's gardens, flowerbeds etc. Easily bury the wire along the contours of the designated area, and put the receiver collar on your pet. The collar will detect the signals sent by the wire. When the dog is approaching the boundary, the collar will make a warning beep, reminding the dog to keep its distance. If the dog keeps going forward, the system will issue gradual increases of stimulus until the dog backs away. Gradually, it will learn to respect the boundaries and will learn what the safe area is. Compared to heavy and expensive wood fences or brick walls, This invisible dog fence system is a safe and cost-effective way to contain your pet within its area. The system is capable of covering up to 5,000 square meters (53,800 square feet) and comes with enough wire to cover 1.2 acres. It is a safe and humane way to discipline your dog. It does not harm the pets and allows it to be safe. Specification: Transmitter: 11.8x8.5x3.5cm Collar: 6.5x3.9x3.2cm Total length of wire: 300 meters Thumbnail Collar 1 2 3 - Underground Electric Pet Fence and Shock Collar System Model 803 (SKU150952) 227 (SKU150966) 227D (SKU150972) 023 (SKU037681) Thumbnail Length of Boundary Wire 200 m 300 m 200 m 300 m Collar Battery Built-in Rechargeable Battery 9V Alkaline Battery Built-in Rechargeable Battery 6V Alkaline Battery Flags 8 Pieces 10 Pieces 10 Pieces 20 Pieces Water-proof Dollar YES YES - - Package included : 1 X Indoor wall-mounted transmitter 1 X 12V Power plug 1 X Adjustable receiver collar 1 X 6 Volt 4LR44 battery for collar 1 X 300 Meter Roll of fence Wire 2 X Extra metal contact points 20 X Training flags 1 X Test bulb 4 X Screws 1 X User's manual How to set up the fence? 1.Design your boundary,lay the boundary wire on top of the ground. --Please keep fence 10ft away form your neighbor's under ground fence so as to avoid signal interference. --When designing the boundary, remember that the boundary wire must make one continual as loop to maintain the complete signal. 2.Lay the boundary wire on top of the ground --Start by connecting one end of the boundary wire to the transmitter --Follow your design, lay the wire on the ground. --Do not bury the wire until your have tested the system and sure it is working properly. 3.To complete the signal loop and test the system --Connect the other end of the boundary wire to the transmitter. --Plug in your power adapter and turn the unit on. --Hook up the shocker tester to the collar probes and slowly walk the collar toward the boundary line. You will hear a warning tone and see the shocker test light illuminate. Note: The test light which shown above is for reference only, specific please in kind prevail . 4.Burying the boundary wire --Once you have confirmed that the system is working ,you can bury the wire. --Using a spade or edging tool, cut approximately half an inch into the ground following the boundary pattern of the wire you have just laid on the ground. --Start digging near the wall mounted transmitter and continue around the path of wire. --Push the wire into the ground and cover it with dirt or turf. --To cross an asphalt driveway,make a half inch deep cut using a circular saw and masonry blade. Place the wire in the crack,and seal. How to get your dog being trained ? Before training your dog, placing the training marks first. --Proper placement of all the marks is a critical element in effectively training your dog. --Turn on bother the collar and the wall transmitter in your home to active your system. --Standing in side your yard, walk toward the fence wire while carrying the collar and place the flags at the spot where your first hear the warning tone activated on the collar. --Repeat this process, placing a flag every four to six feet around your entire perimeter. Training your pet --Your commitment to training your pet is a key factor in the success of the training. --Plant to spend ten to twenty minutes, three to four times a day to train your pet.Consistence is of the great importance in training. --There are a total of four steps to training, with each step taking approximately three days for your dog to fully understand the meaning of the flags,warning tone and corrections.
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Waterproof Automatic No Anti Bark Intelligent Dog Training Shock Collar - Black pet safe electronic shock vibrating dog training collar with remote control 2 x aaa 1 x 6f22 9v
Model: PET851 - Quantity: 1 - Color: Black - Material: ABS - Suitable pet: Dog - 7 intensity levels (1~7) fro a wide variety of dispositions - 5 sensitivity levels (1~5) adjustable for different dogs and environments - Waterproof - Small size and 7-color LED battery life indicator - Easy testing method to check the no bark collar - Powered by 1 x 4A76 alkaline battery - Automatic protection mode function in order to protect your dog to avoid excessive stimulus - If Petrainer sustain activated 5 times switch will stop for a minute - LED indicator light will become flashing red light and green light a minutes later the LED indicator will go out and Petrainner will enter suspend mode - Note: Open the Petrainner later if the green LED light into a flashing red light indicating that the battery needs be replaced - Packing list: - 1 x No bark device - 1 x Dog collar - 1 x 4A76 alkaline battery - 2 x Long nuts - 2 x Short nuts - 1 x English user manual
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Smart Dog In-ground Electronic Pet Fencing System Complete Set (AC 110~240V) pet safe electronic shock vibrating dog training collar with remote control 2 x aaa 1 x 6f22 9v
Model: HT-023 - Smart dog in-ground pet fencing device - Pet fencing device with pulsed proportional stimulus - Can be expanded for yards up to 5 acres with the purchase of additional wire/flag kits - Progressive tone stimulus - Speed detection anti-run through - Audible wire breaks alarm - Visual wire breaks alarm - Variable field width control - Package included: - 1 * Indoor wall-mounted transmitter - 1 * AC 110~240v power adapter (US plug) - 1 * Adjustable receiver collar - 1 * 4LR44 battery for collar - 1 * Boundary wire of 300 meters - 20 * Training flags - 1 * Screws set - 1 * English user manual
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