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Locus of control and attitude toward seeking counseling help locus of control and attitude toward seeking counseling help
Just like other countries in Europe and America, currently Tanzania has been noted to direct concerted efforts towards producing highly qualified counselors whose expertise can be made use of at the secondary schools and at the teachers colleges. What was not clear, however, is the extent to which these services if made available will be taken advantage of by target students, Therefore The major purpose of this book is to provide a study that investigated the relationship that exists between locus of control and attitude toward seeking counseling help among secondary school students in Dodoma Municipality, The study used correlational design and both qualitative and quantitative paradigms. The results indicated that there is a significant but very weak negative correlation between locus of control and attitude toward seeking counseling help among secondary school students in Dodoma Municipality. Implications of the findings were critically examined and some policy recommendations were made in the light of the conclusions reached. Recommendations for further studies were also made.
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Personality, Locus of Control and Athletic Performance in Ethiopia locus of control and attitude toward seeking counseling help
Do you want to Know about Ethiopian athletes? This book will try to introduce the personality of those athletes enrolled at some recognized athletics clubs. more over, the book will try to highlight about their view regarding athletics performance in relation to locus of control. Have you informed about the top ten athletics clubs in Ethiopia? The answer can be seen inside the book. Do you know the contribution of your personality for your athletics performance? investigations have been made to examine the relationships between those variables in the context of Ethiopian athletes participated in various athletics clubs in the country. How much you are informed about the influence of your locus of control toward athletics success? This book attempts to asses these conditions and related issue to athletic performance.
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Students’ Characteristics, Locus of Control, and Online Satisfaction locus of control and attitude toward seeking counseling help
Today, online learning has become a popular approach to teaching and learning and an important supplement to traditional face-to-face learning. The number of online learners has skyrocketed during the past several decades, and various online learners bring varied learning experiences depending on their different personal characteristics and traits. This book explored students’ online satisfaction in relation to their locus of control orientation and their personal characteristics including gender, age, ethnicity, and online learning experiences. Results of this study will help contribute to the literature by addressing the relationship between locus of control and satisfaction in the online learning environment. This study also consummates prior research related to students’ characteristics and their satisfaction with online learning. This book will be useful for educators in evaluating potential online students to determine their likelihood of satisfaction or possible persistence in an online course. It will also help lead to planning, designing, and delivering online instruction in a manner that enhances students’satisfaction.
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Library professionals’ attitude toward IT locus of control and attitude toward seeking counseling help
Achievements in any transformation in libraries mostly depend on the positive attitude and involvement of the library professionals. It is significant to understand the human factors involved in the process for successful and meaningful commencing of IT in libraries. This study measured the attitude of university library professionals of Bangladesh toward IT. It identified how the socio-economic variance influenced the attitude of library professionals to use of IT applications, and also examined how the experience with IT has influenced on these attitudes. It illustrated that some socio-economic variables influenced library professionals' attitude. There were disparity among library professionals who have experience to competency, work performance, anxiety and acceptance. To accelerate the positive attitude, highest priority should be given on the continuing education of library professionals. Top management’s positive attitude and comfort levels toward technology will help the mid and entry level professionals to be skillful at creative applications of IT. The analyses should help the policy maker to improve the IT competencies of the library professionals.
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Health Beliefs and Locus of control as predictors of cancer locus of control and attitude toward seeking counseling help
This study assessed the level of awareness and attitude towards breast and cervical cancer screening among women in Obafemi Awolowo University community. The results showed that 63.0% and 84.4% were aware of cervical cancer screening and breast cancer screening respectively. Age and occupation were significantly associated with the likelihood to screen for cervical cancer while occupation was the only variable that was significantly associated with the likelihood to screen for breast cancer. The study revealed that health belief factors were not significant predictors of breast cancer screening behaviour. However, occupation, perceived benefits of screening, internal locus of control and health risks behaviour all significantly predicted cervical cancer screening behaviour of women. Respondents in the non academic posts were less likely to uptake cervical cancer screening compared with the academic staff and students. The study concluded that women were more knowledgeable about breast cancer than cervical cancer. Health beliefs, perceived benefits and locus of control were significant predictors of cervical, but not breast cancer screening behaviour.
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Locus of Control and Job Involvement locus of control and attitude toward seeking counseling help
This book consists of six chapters.This books is very helpful for the research scholars in Psychology, Commerce and Management.It gives an idea about the psychological concept of Locus of Control and Job Involvement.It presents the review of earlier studies,methodology of the study, sample distribution, hypothesis of the study.The analysis part of the study predictrs the relationship between theLocus of control and Job Involvement.It also gives the suggestions to improve the Locus of control and Job Involvement.
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Locus of Control, Self Concept and Academic Achievement locus of control and attitude toward seeking counseling help
The study used a correlation design to explore relationships among locus of control, self concept & academic achievement. The study population comprised all the form four students from the 52 public secondary schools in Bureti District. Stratified random sampling was used to select 5 secondary schools with simple random sampling being used to select 200 students. Data was collected using a questionnaire to generate both qualitative and quantitative data. The study findings revealed that students had a positive self concept & internal locus of control. It further established that majority of the students believe in themselves, have control of their lives, evaluated themselves positively and also accepted their identity. Pearson correlation coefficient analysis revealed that there was a significant but weak correlation between students’; academic performance and locus of control; students’ academic performance versus self concept & also a significant difference between female and male students’ locus of control. However, the results showed that there was no significant gender difference in students self concept.
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Attitude of Youth Toward NGOs locus of control and attitude toward seeking counseling help
The youth in India, constituting more than one third of the Country’ population is a vital and vibrant resource, which, according to the Policy Statement of Government of India 2008, has to be made not only the beneficiaries of but also valuable partners in the process of planning and development. In order to facilitate that these young men and women contribute towards national development in a big way, they should be effectively involved in the process of decision making. Keeping this in mind, I decided to conduct a research which could lead to answers to the objectives as in relation to my subject of study “Attitude of youth towards NGO’s". Whether the average youth is aware about the services being offered by NGO’s. To try and derive out how youth can contribute to various issues. To analyze various issues prevailing in the society and how being part of the NGO’s and being volunteers can help to resolve them. Finally to know and understand Marketing mix of NGO’s. For this purpose youth from age of 15-29 years were taken for the study. the Questionnaires of research were filled by various students, entrepreneurs, service persons, NGO volunteers.
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Status of Locus of control locus of control and attitude toward seeking counseling help
The author has involved in this area of research for nearly three years.Locus of Control is a rare area of research in the management discipline, but this area is widely covered in the psychology. So it had motivated the author to select this topic. It studies the level of Locus of Control of private sector bank employee and public sector bank employee and how Locus of Control varies among the managers and executives.It also analyse the effect of Locus of Control on the personal variables such as age,sex, marital status,education and family size and job related variables such as designation, monthly income , experience and nature of work.The author had classified the Locus of Control into three category Viz., Internality Locus of Control, Externality Chance Locus of Control and Externality Powerful others Locus of Control.The author finally given various suggestion to improce the Locus of Control among the employees.
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Attitude towards Teaching Practicum among Students & Teachers locus of control and attitude toward seeking counseling help
The purpose of the study was to investigate the attitude of students and teachers toward teaching practicum and to identify the out comes and problems encountered during the implementation process of the program.The result of the study indicated that both teachers and students have insignificant positive attitude toward teaching practicum. Students and teachers also showed similar attitude for those factors which have relation with course related factors. Teachers showed insignificant negative attitude toward Logistics and Organization related factors where as, students showed insignificant negative attitude toward student and teacher related factors.
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