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EAGLE A3 Super RC Flight Controller 3-Axis Stabilization w/ Program Card for Fixed Wing Airplanes free shipping flight controll gyro 3d avcs for fixed fpv half set for eagle a3 super ii k5bo
Features: Integrated design of 6-axis (3 gyro + 3 acc); MEMS sensor for self-stability and self-balance. 4 flight modes: Normal Stabilization 3D Attitude Locking Self-balance and Gyro Deactivated Modes. 3 control behaviors: stable normal and sport modes. Separate dual aileron and elevator with dual input supported. Easy-to-use program card which supports both Simplified Chinese and English. Independent gyro gain adjustment and gyro ratio selection for each flight mode. Separate adjustments of servo travel limit to both sides of neutral. Mixing functions of delta-wing (flying-wing) and v-tail. More advanced configurations can be customized such as servo operating frequency gyro response rate gyro switch level offset stick centering and stick dead band. Specifications: Gyroscope: +/- 2000 dps Accelerometer: ±4g Input Voltage: DC5V~9V Supported Servo Type: 1520s analog and digital servo Operating Temperature: -40'F~85'F
3711.23 RUR