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Science: The Definitive Visual History exploring the basics of attosecond science
Follow the story of science and understand the significance of major discoveries and their place in the history of human civilization.Using lavish illustrations and focusing on key scientific moments, Science takes you on a journey through the history of science, picking out every event, invention, experiment, theory, and individual that you need to know.This brand new edition is fully up-to-date and covers everything from ancient Greek geometry to quantum physics, IVF, and global warming. From the dawn of science to the information age, Science also provides biographies of key players in the history of science, including Galileo Galilei, Michael Faraday, Marie Curie, and Alan Turing.Perfect for anyone looking to embark on a journey of discovery and suitable for the whole family, Science is the definitive guide to our remarkable history of science
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Duarte Miguel F. Prazeres Plasmid Biopharmaceuticals. Basics, Applications, and Manufacturing exploring the basics of attosecond science
The book addresses the basics, applications, and manufacturing of plasmid biopharmaceuticals. The survey of the most relevant characteristics of plasmids provides the basics for designing plasmid products (applications) and processes (manufacturing). Key features that the authors include in the book are: i) consistency and clear line of direction, ii) an extensive use of cross-referencing between the individual chapters, iii) a rational integration of chapters, iv) appellative figures, tables and schemes, and v) an updated, but selected choice of references, with a focus on key papers.
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Alterna The Science of Ten Кондиционер Совершенная формула The Science of Ten Кондиционер Совершенная формула exploring the basics of attosecond science
Чрезвычайно насыщенный кондиционер, который мгновенно увлажняет обезвоженные волосы. Экстракт чёрной икры сделает волосы более мягкими и эластичными. Ваши волосы будут благоухать ароматами африканского какао и болгарской гардении. Насыщенный, но легкий кондиционер — для изысканных ощущений каждый день.
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Friedel Weinert Copernicus, Darwin and Freud. Revolutions in the History and Philosophy of Science exploring the basics of attosecond science
Using Copernicanism, Darwinism, and Freudianism as examples of scientific traditions, Copernicus, Darwin and Freud takes a philosophical look at these three revolutions in thought to illustrate the connections between science and philosophy. Shows how these revolutions in thought lead to philosophical consequences Provides extended case studies of Copernicanism, Darwinism, and Freudianism Integrates the history of science and the philosophy of science like no other text Covers both the philosophy of natural and social science in one volume
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Murray Shukyn GED Science For Dummies exploring the basics of attosecond science
Passing the GED Science Test has never been easier Does the thought of taking the GED Science Test make you sweat? Fear not! With the help of GED Science Test For Dummies, you'll get up to speed on the new structure and computer-based format of the GED and gain the confidence and know-how to pass the Science Test like a pro. Packed with helpful guidance and instruction, this hands-on test-prep guide covers the concepts covered onthe GED Science Test and gives you ample practice opportunities to assess your understanding of Life Science, Physical Science, and Earth and Space Science. Designed to test your understanding of the fundamentals of science reasoning and the ability to apply those fundamentals in realistic situations, the GED Science Test can be tough for the uninitiated. Luckily, this fun and accessible guide breaks down each section of the exam into easily digestible parts, making everything you'll encounter on exam day feel like a breeze! Inside, you'll find methods to sharpen your science vocabulary and data analysis skills, tips on how to approach GED Science Test question types and formats, practice questions and study exercises, and a full-length practice test to help you pinpoint where you need more study help. Presents reviews of the GED Science test question types and basic computer skills Offers practice questions to assess your knowledge of each subject area Includes one full-length GED Science practice test Provides scoring guidelines and detailed answer explanations Even if science is something that's always made you squeamish, GED Science Test For Dummies makes it easy to pass this crucial exam and obtain your hard-earned graduate equivalency diploma.
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Patrick Waller An Introduction to Pharmacovigilance exploring the basics of attosecond science
Pharmacovigilance is the science and activities relating to the detection, assessment, understanding and prevention of adverse effects or any other drug-related problems. This introductory guide is designed to aid the rapid understanding of the key principles of pharmacovigilance. Packed full of examples illustrating drug safety issues it not only covers the processes involved, but the regulatory aspects and ethical and societal considerations of pharmacovigilance. Covering the basics step-by-step, this book is perfect for beginners and is essential reading for those new to drug safety departments and pharmaceutical medicine students.
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David Prutchi Exploring Quantum Physics through Hands-on Projects exploring the basics of attosecond science
Build an intuitive understanding of the principles behind quantum mechanics through practical construction and replication of original experiments With easy-to-acquire, low-cost materials and basic knowledge of algebra and trigonometry, Exploring Quantum Physics through Hands-on Projects takes readers step by step through the process of re-creating scientific experiments that played an essential role in the creation and development of quantum mechanics. Presented in near chronological order—from discoveries of the early twentieth century to new material on entanglement—this book includes question- and experiment-filled chapters on: Light as a Wave Light as Particles Atoms and Radioactivity The Principle of Quantum Physics Wave/Particle Duality The Uncertainty Principle Schrödinger (and his Zombie Cat) Entanglement From simple measurements of Planck's constant to testing violations of Bell's inequalities using entangled photons, Exploring Quantum Physics through Hands-on Projects not only immerses readers in the process of quantum mechanics, it provides insight into the history of the field—how the theories and discoveries apply to our world not only today, but also tomorrow. By immersing readers in groundbreaking experiments that can be performed at home, school, or in the lab, this first-ever, hands-on book successfully demystifies the world of quantum physics for all who seek to explore it—from science enthusiasts and undergrad physics students to practicing physicists and engineers.
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Alterna The Science of Ten Perfect Blendt Восстанавливающий набор The Science of Ten Perfect Blendt Восстанавливающий набор exploring the basics of attosecond science
Набор в лимитированной коробке: Шампунь, кондиционер, маска. Комплекс The Science of Ten® – «Формула 10» – одна из последних разработок компании. Комплекс обеспечивает здоровый рост волос, систему фиксации цвета, а также защиту от вредных воздействий окружающей среды. «Формула 10» – идеальные продукты для тех, кто выбирает лучшее. Это совершенная гамма роскошных ультраэффективных средств для люкс-ухода за волосами. Вы получаете непревзойденный результат – восстановленные и здоровые волосы!
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Eskin D. G. Essential Readings in Light Metals, Cast Shop for Aluminum Production exploring the basics of attosecond science
ONE OF A FOUR-BOOK COLLECTION SPOTLIGHTING CLASSIC ARTICLES Original research findings and reviews spanning all aspects of the science and technology of casting Since 1971, The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society has published the Light Metals proceedings. Highlighting some of the most important findings and insights reported over the past four decades, this volume features the best original research papers and reviews on cast shop science and technology for aluminum production published in Light Metals from 1971 to 2011. Papers have been divided into ten subject sections for ease of access. Each section has a brief introduction and a list of recommended articles for researchers interested in exploring each subject in greater depth. Only 12 percent of the cast shop science and technology papers ever published in Light Metals were chosen for this volume. Selection was based on a rigorous review process. Among the papers, readers will find landmark original research findings and expert reviews summarizing current thinking on key topics at the time of publication. From basic research to industry standards to advanced applications, the articles published in this volume collectively represent a complete overview of cast shop science and technology, supporting the work of students, researchers, and engineers around the world.
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