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Mobility Model for Optical Wireless Communication System electrical equipment aot500 optical talk set two parts communication 120km dynamic range 1310
As the third generation mobile communication system (3G) is being deployed, manufacturers and scientific community are increasingly turning their research interests toward future wireless communication systems. Wireless Communication is witnessing a rapid growth in markets, technology, and range of services. An attractive approach for economical, spectrally efficient and high quality communication service is the use of optical wireless communication system. Future systems will not only connect users and their personal equipment but also access to independent (stand-alone) equipment will be provided. Ultimately one would expect that everybody and everything will be wirelessly connected.This book deals with mobility model of optical wireless communication system. In which 1550nm Wavelength laser is used for point to point outdoor connectivity and infrared is used for indoor Local area networks (LAN). Matlab simulation results shows that the 1550nm is good choice for outdoor connectivity for optical wireless communication.
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Optical-OFDM Systems electrical equipment aot500 optical talk set two parts communication 120km dynamic range 1310
This book intends to give a coherent and comprehensive introduction to the fundamentals of OFDM signal processing and coding,with a distinctive focus on its broad range of applications. It is designed for two diverse groups of researchers: (1) optical communication engineers who are proficient in optical science and interested in applying OFDM technology, but who are intimidated by sophisticated OFDM terminologies, and (2) wireless communication engineers who are content with their DSP skill set, but are disoriented by a perceived huge gap between the optical and radio-frequency (RF) communications worlds. We have attempted to make the individual chapters self-contained while maintaining the flow and connectivity between them
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