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1000 KV Pulse Ignition Coil Inverter Arc Generator dhl ems key ence kv c64xa kvc64xa input module a1
1000 KV Pulse Ignition Coil Inverter Arc Generator Specifications: Module type: MC-901 Input voltage: 3.7V-7.4V Input current: 0.5A-1A Input wire length: 9 cm High voltage type: pulse DC type Output voltage: 800KV-1000KV (please pay attention to safety when using) Output current: 0.5A-1A Output length: approximately 16 cm High voltage bipolar discharge distance: 1.5 cm -2 cm Size: 88 x 26mm(LxD) Module use note: 1, high voltage module should avoid the use of high voltage no-load, power must be adjusted before the high voltage line end of the right distance, high voltage wire drawing distance and the use of battery voltage and capacity is proportional to. 2, the test arc distance from short to long experiment, when the power is prohibited beyond the longest arc distance, due to the high pressure energy can not be released, very easy to damage the module. 3, When power to the module, the internal will be heated, so it can not work for a long time. Package include: 1 X High voltage inverter
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