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Desperado. The Soundtrack desperado
Cancion Del Mariachi; Six Blade Knife; Jack The Ripper
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American Desperado desperado
American Desperado is possibly the most jaw-dropping, event-filled, adrenaline-soaked criminal autobiography ever written. Like a real-life Scarface Jon was born into the upper levels of the Gambino crime family and witnessed his first murder at age seven. He became a one-man juvenile crime wave before joining an assassination squad in Vietnam. He returned to New York at age 20 to become one of the city's top nightclub promoters, then journeyed to Miami where he became the de facto transportation chief of the Medellin Cartel, and along with a tech-wizard partner, created some of the most sophisticated smuggling technologies ever. With a hulking 6'6" bodyguard always at his side, and a rural fortress protected by mortars, tear-gas cannons, and a gold-fanged attack dog, Roberts was brutally effective at what he did. To law enforcement, he was known as the "Bearded Gringo," a spectre they could never touch. To United States senators and CIA officials, he was "the guy who can get things done". He eventually formed a clandestine alliance with the US government and in the end found personal late-life redemption.
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The History Of The Eagles (2 DVD) desperado
"Director Alison Ellwood, along with Producer (and Academy Award-winning documentarian), Alex Gibney, meticulously crafts an intimate patchwork of rare archival material, concert footage, and unseen home movies exploring the evolution and enduring popularity of one of America's truly definitive bands.Inspired by the vibrant Los Angeles music scene, Glenn Frey and Don Henley left Linda Ronstadt's backup band in 1971 to team with Bernie Leadon and Randy Meisner and form the Eagles. While personal stories from band members (later including Don Felder, Joe Walsh and Timothy B. Schmit), managers, and music-industry luminaries frame the narrative, it's the unexpected moments- recording sessions, backstage interactions, and even a whimsical sequence from the Desperado cover shoot-that convey the extraordinary bond linking artists, music, and the times (an era when country-tinged rock and finely-honed harmonies spoke to a nation still reeling from unrest). But the band was not impervious to its own unrest, and its conflicts prompted several departures and ultimately led to its demise (or long vacation). Part One follows the band from its formation in 1971 through its ascendancy in the 70's to the infamous unraveling in the fall of 1980. Part Two tracks the group from its reunion in 1994 through the triumphant Hell Freezes Over tour, the 1007 release of the album, Jhe Long Road Out of Eden (which sold over 5Vi million copies, worldwide, and garnered the band its 5th and 6th Grammy" Awards), and its ongoing success as an international touring act. This history of the Eagles skips neither a beat nor a hit song, and we're reminded why the band's greatest hits collection (Vol. I) remains the best-selling album of the 20th century." John Nein, Sundance Institute
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Aerobics! (4 CD) desperado

Aerobics! (4 CD)

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Aerobics! (4 CD) desperado
Содержание: CD 1: Warm Up: 01. Just Like A Pill (106 BPM) 02. Come On Over (118 BPM) 03. Let's Dance And Shout (128 BPM) 04. Save Tonight (119 BPM) Cardio: 05. Game Of love (120 BPM) 06. Music (122 BPM) 07. I'm Every Woman (122 BPM) 08. Upside Down (121 BPM) 09. Love At First Sight (125 BPM) 10. I Will Love Again (127 BPM) 11. Everybody Have Fun Tonight (128 BPM) Cool Down: 12. Strong Enough (127 BPM) 13. Another Dumb Blonde (124 BPM) 14. One Day In Your Life (118 BPM) 15. Soak Up The Sun (119 BPM) CD 2: Warm Up: 01. Sweetest Taboo (105 BPM) 02. Out Of Touch (115BPM) 03. Every Breath You Take (115 BPM) 04. Just Got Paid (117 BPM) 05. Caribbean Queen (114 BPM) 06. Addicted To Love (113 BPM) Cardio: 07. I Just Called To Say I Love You (118 BPM) 08. Hot Blooded (120 BPM) 09. Flashdance (What A Feeling) (125 BPM) 10. Abracadabra (127 BPM) 11. You Gotta Fight For Your Right (132 BPM) 12. U Can't Touch This (133 BPM) 13. Beat It (138 BPM) Cool Down: 14. Material Girl (134 BPM) 15. She Blinded Me With Science (138 BPM) CD 3: Warm Up: 01. Jump Around (106 BPM) 02. Miami (110 BPM) 03. Gonna Make You Sweat (114 BPM) 04. Ice Ice Baby (116 BPM) 05. One Week (115 BPM) 06. I Need To Know (116 BPM) Cardio: 07. Groove Is In The Heart (121 BPM) 08. I'm Every Woman (122 BPM) 09. Wiggle It (122 BPM) 10. Good Vibrations (126 BPM) 11. Short Short Man (130 BPM) 12. Sexual (132 BPM) 13. 9pm Till I Come (132 BPM) 14. Boom Boom Boom Boom (139 BPM) Cool Down: 15. Who Let The Dogs Out (129 BPM) 16. Finally (120 BPM) CD 4: Warm Up: 01. Kung Fu Fighting (101 BPM) 02. Me And Julio (104 BPM) 03. Groovin' (107 BPM) 04. Desperado (110 BPM) Cardio: 05. It Never Rains In Southern California (119 BPM) 06. I Feel The Earth Move (120 BPM) 07. Sweet Caroline (121 BPM) 08. I Think We're Alone Now (122 BPM) 09. I Think I Love You (125 BPM) 10. Go All The Way (127 BPM) 11. Bang On The Drum (142 BPM) 12. Chewy Chewy (138 BPM) 13. Show Me The Way (130 BPM) Cool Down: 14. Dance With Me (124 BPM) 15. Layla (113 BPM)
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