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Liquid Organic Fertilizer amino liquid 50
The book is replica of dissertation submitted by Gopal Deore for fulfillment of PhD research. The book comprising of six chapters- 1. Introduction, 2. Formulation of liquid organic fertilizer, 3. Effect of liquid organic fertilizer on seed germination and early seedling growth, 4. Effect of liquid organic fertilizer on growth and productivity, 5. Effect of liquid organic fertilizer on leaf biochemicals and 6. Effect of liquid organic fertilizer on fruit quality. Covering the formulation of value added liquid organic fertilizer (LOF) by traditional methods (i.e. composting) of organic fertilizer production and modern methods like, solubilization of rock phosphate and rock potassium by using microorganisms; conversion of proteins to amino acids using protease producing microorganism and synthesis of organic metal nutrient chelates with seed amino acids etc. The LOF was assessed for its physicochemical parameters and found to be well-heeled with almost all macro and micronutrients. Different doses of homogenate LOF were assessed for its efficacy in germination, growth, productivity, biochemical and fruit quality parameters of tomato and red pepper as test crops
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UPLC analysis of keto-analogues of essential amino acid calcium salt amino liquid 50
Alpha keto-analogues of valine, leucine, isoleucine, methionine, phenyl-alanine, and (in one instance) tryptophan and histidine, along with the remaining essential amino acids, are used to treat severe renal failure (Chronic Uremia). Mixtures of the salts are useful in the treatment of renal and hepatic disorders characterized by protein intolerance leading to deficiencies of various essential and semi-essential amino acids in the body. The analytical method for determination of calcium salts of some alpha keto acid analogues using ultra performance liquid chromatography was developed and validated as per the ICH guideline in terms of Specificity, Linearity and range, Accuracy, Precision, Limit of Detection, Limit of Quantification, Robustness and Stability. The method has been proved as a high throughput screening as it has analysis time of only 8.0 minutes with very good sensitivity and resolution; this method is applicable for bulk drug as well as in pharmaceutical dosage form
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Styliste ULTIME AMINO-Q HOLD Мусс для укладки 200мл amino liquid 50
Мусс для укладки Styliste Ultime AMINO-Q HOLD - это 48 часов ультрасильной фиксации и устойчивость укладки к внешним факторам . Уникальная фoрмула с комплексом amino-q обеспечивает полный контроль над укладкой и значительно сокращает ломкость волос. Без склеивания.
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Biochemical Importance Of Pumpkin Fruits amino liquid 50
Chemical composition of pumpkin fruits include pumpkin pulp and pumpkin seeds such as moisture, ash, fiber, protein, lipid, carbohydrate and minerals contents. Also, extraction, isolation and identification for pumpkin pulp carotenoids using high performance liquid chromatographic (HPLC) assay and experiment the effect of pumpkin carotenoids extract as natural antioxidant on the stability of soybean oil. Identification of amino acid derivatives of pumpkin pulp and pumpkin seeds by gas liquid chromatographic (GLC) system and calculation of amino acid score. Moreover, testing the physical and chemical properties of crude pumpkin seed oil i.e. refractive index, colour, specific gravity, acid value, peroxide value, iodine value, saponification value. Finally, separation and identification of fatty acids and unsaponifiable matter contents of dehulled pumpkin seed oil using GLC technique.
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Жидкость Sebastian Professional Liquid Gloss  50 мл amino liquid 50
Sebastian Flaunt Liquid Gloss - Разглаживающие капли-блеск. Капли-блеск идеально разглаживают и полируют поверхность волоса, выравнивают структуру поврежденных волос, способствуют легкому расчесыванию, придают лоск и сияние, не утяжеляя их.
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