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Toxicological Study Of The Butanol Fractionated Root Extract 1kg 10 1 asparagus extract
The present investigation was carried out to evaluate the safety of the butanol fractionated extract of Asparagus africanus Lam. plant by determining its potential toxicity after single and repeated dose administration in mice. For the acute study, Swiss Albino mice were divided into three groups Group-I, Group-II & Group-III the butanol fraction extract of the plant in single doses of 1000, 3000 and 5000mg/kg body weight, respectively. General behavioral adverse effects and mortality were determined for up to 14 days. In the sub-chronic dose study, the extract was administered orally to two groups of mice at doses of 300 and 600mg/kg body weight/day for 42 days. Selected hematological and biochemical parameters followed by morphological pathology changes were determined after 42 days of daily administration. In the acute study, the butanol fractionated extract of Asparagus africanus plant did not caused dose-dependent general behavioral adverse effects, body weight change and mortality.
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The Asparagus Festival Cookbook 1kg 10 1 asparagus extract
The Asparagus Festival Cookbook
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Cultivation and Marketing of Asparagus racemosus in Terai-Nepal 1kg 10 1 asparagus extract
The work has aimed to explore perception of its cultivation and marketing; find out profit and examine the trend of price per unit, quantity traded and income obtained from Asparagus. After analyzing data, March-April was found to be the suitable months of harvesting and March is the best month for harvesting of cultivated asparagus. Cultivators'' HHs have negative attitude towards Asparagus hybrid for cultivation in comparison to Asparagus wild as Asparagus hybrid has limited market and monopoly price, but Asparagus wild has many markets and competitive price. Regarding the profit and trend of marketing of Asparagus wild and hybrid, cultivators'' HHs get the profit of NRs 66353.37 per katha from asparagus wild and the profit of only NRs 4610.37 per katha from Asparagus hybrid if all the parts are sold. But they get the profit of NRs 5160.87 per katha from Asparagus wild whereas; undergo loss of NRs 5822.13 per katha from Asparagus hybrid if only roots are sold. So, the high priority of Asparagus wild for cultivation should be given due to the higher profit and price per Kg.
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