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C. L. LaClair The Swan Throne. I.Laintane: Book One of Under the Eagle экспонометр world of light sekonic l 758c
The Swan Throne is the first part of the Under the Eagle trilogy, the epic saga of the nine hunters of the Angel of Death and their quest to shape or break the world of Tarmaanë. The Swan Throne tells of a love that lent its light to a world darkened by violence and hate. It is the story of a young boy who grew into a man and a man who bravely accepted the fate lying before him. It is for those of us who have walked the paths of darkness and have found the light along the way. This story lives inside us all, because as we know, the night is darkest just before the dawn.
3589 RUR
D. L. Janney Blacklisted экспонометр world of light sekonic l 758c
Enter the fast-paced fashion world of 1982 and read about the world of international modeling through the eyes of a boy on the "fast-track" to becoming one of the top models in the world. D. L.'s memoir tells all about a world that few have ever entered. This book will challenge all that you have read about this historic time in men's fashion. Daryl had it all; fame, trips to exotic locations, pictures in the world's best magazines by the world's most prominent photographers, and then...
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Janet Norton On the Other Side. The Fall экспонометр world of light sekonic l 758c
The ancients believed that every person has an Idea of himself somewhere in another better world, and that he is only a mere Shadow of that idea, surrounded by the shadows of others. In the novel that world of ideas is the world of the Ena, winged eternal creations of Light. But now the Enas world is far from perfection just like the world of humans. The Last War has begun, and heroes have to face a choice between the Light and the Darkness. Read the first chapter to start your journey with us!
5.99 RUR
Paul Kidd Petal Storm экспонометр world of light sekonic l 758c
The Hive...The last stronghold of an ancient race; the Bees - children of the Great Light, caretakers of the forest world. A warrior race - a race of artists, of dancers and engineers. Survivors of a distant holocaust that has almost extinguished their civilisation.It is a world of order. A world of timeless tradition. A world where one fertile Queen is the mother of an entire race. Where child-princesses fight to the death for succession to the throne.But the old Queen is finally dying. For the first time, a Queen's successors will be adults. Adults with allies, with agents - and with armies at their call.While forces gather, an astonishing new secret slowly creeps out into the light. The secret of life. A secret worth dying for...Petal StormThe ultimate gift of love - - Is life itself...
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