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Щит Tdm Sq0905-0100 [100%] the new imported genuine 6mbp50rh060 01 6mbp50rta060 01 billing
Тип: щит, Тип установки: навесной, Материал: сталь, Использование: на улице, Степень защиты от пыли и влаги: IP 66, Ширина: 310, Высота: 395, Глубина: 165, Кратность упаковки: 1, Окно: есть, DIN рейка: нет
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Ben Morris Introduction to bada. A Developer's Guide [100%] the new imported genuine 6mbp50rh060 01 6mbp50rta060 01 billing
An expert introduction to Samsung's new mobile platform Bada is a new platform that runs on mass market phones and enables you to build cutting-edge applications for mobile devices. As an access layer, bada has all the advantages of native coding and provides the power of multi-tasking and multi-threading. This book serves as a complete introduction to the exciting capabilities of bada and shows you how bada offers commerce and business services with server-side support. The authors walk you through the complete set of platform APIs and detail the architecture of bada. Code fragments are featured throughout the book as well as examples that utilize all of the major APIs, from sensors to maps and from phonebook to billing. Introduces Samsung's new platform, bada Explains the bada framework, its APIs, and the bada architecture Walks you through how bada is a logically structured mobile platform that allows you to build exciting apps for mobile devices Features code fragments and numerous examples that address all the major APIs Discover how bada boasts the richest set of end-to-end service, commerce, and billing APIs with this book! Ben Morris is a freelance author and developer, specializing in mobile software including Symbian OS and mobile widgets.
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Теплый пол Caleo Unimat boost-0100 [100%] the new imported genuine 6mbp50rh060 01 6mbp50rta060 01 billing
Мощность: 138, Площадь обогрева: 0.83, Способ монтажа нагревателя: в стяжку или плиточный клей, Тип нагревательного мата: стержневой, Под плитку: есть, Под керамогранит: есть, Гарантия на модель: 20 лет
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