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макси, техническая ткань, без аппликаций, цветочный рисунок, двойная ручка, внутри на подкладке, сумка-шоппер
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Michael B. Smith March's Advanced Organic Chemistry. Reactions, Mechanisms, and Structure
The new, revised and updated 7th edition of March’s Advanced Organic Chemistry clearly explains the theories and examples of organic chemistry, providing the most comprehensive resource about organic chemistry available. Readers are guided on planning and execution of multi-step synthetic reactions, with detailed descriptions of all the reactions. The first five chapters deal with the structure of organic compounds and discuss important organic chemistry bonds, fundamental principles of conformation, and stereochemistry of organic molecules, and reactive intermediates in organic chemistry. Chapters 6 to 9 are concerned with general principles of mechanism in organic chemistry, including acids and bases, photochemistry, sonochemistry and microwave irradiation, and finally the relationship between structure and reactivity. The last 10 chapters cover the nature and the scope of organic reactions and their mechanisms. The 7th edition proves again it is a must-have desktop reference and textbook for every student and professional working in organic chemistry or related fields. Key features of the 7th edition: Every chapter has been updated with the most recent reaction information with references to both the primary and review literature New to the 7th edition: 5,500 references since the last edition, updates / rewrites of the retained sections, and an updated index in Appendix B Contains more than 1650 reactions and 20,000 valuable references to the primary literature Includes appendices on the literature of organic chemistry and the classification of reactions according to the compounds synthesized Guides the reader on planning and execution of multi-step synthetic reactions, with detailed descriptions of all the reactions. Reviews of the previous edition: «…a favorite general organic chemistry text and an easy-to-use one-volume reference. We are confident that this book will remain a dominant reference and that it will reside on many chemists' personal bookshelves.» –Journal of Medicinal Chemistry «Who can hope to be seriously accepted as a member of the organic chemistry community without being in possession of at least one edition of 'March'?» –Chemistry and Industry
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